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Internal comms specialist with a career spanning advertising, car sales and management consulting. My greatest legacy (so far) - my son!

Prepare yourself. From annual to pulse surveys. An unstoppable shift.

This week I joined a webinar hosted by Questa Agency with Matt Stephens and Dominic Walters of Heartbeat Ltd  on: “Top 10 reasons to ditch the annual survey and to choose the pulsing approach”. They were certainly preaching to the … Continue reading

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The Future of Internal Comms. Is there one?

Job hunting over the last few months has given me the opportunity to rethink the role the IC professional plays within a business. A variety of inputs have spurred my thinking: IC professionals debating “The Future of IC” Before Christmas … Continue reading

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Taking personal responsibility – a too rare leadership quality

A few years ago I was asked to produce a high impact presentation on the strengths and opportunities for improvement of the organisation’s leadership capability. The presentation would be used to introduce a facilitated discussion on leadership at their annual … Continue reading

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Anticipating the message; I couldn’t have been more wrong

Tuning into BBC radio 4 recently, I caught the last few minutes of an episode in a series I had never heard before – The Headline Ballads. From what I heard I understood the programme to be comparing and contrasting … Continue reading

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How to make a (good) decision.

I believe I am a decisive person and, having made a decision, I rarely spend time worrying about whether I’ve made the right one. Whether I make good decisions is a whole different matter. The last truly big decision I … Continue reading

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Ladies, don’t be a purveyor of ‘the deadfish handshake’

I’ve been shaking a lot of hands lately. This is primarily because we are in tournament season at my tennis club and etiquette demands that, win, lose, or crash and burn, we end each match with handshakes all round. As … Continue reading

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Is your job still offering you learning opportunities?

I’ve really enjoyed Michael Robinson’s recent series on BBC Radio 4 in which he’s been exploring the trends and challenges of the UK’s work environment – The New Workplace. In the last of the series he invited spokespersons representing different aspects … Continue reading

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