How to make a (good) decision.


I believe I am a decisive person and, having made a decision, I rarely spend time worrying about whether I’ve made the right one.

Whether I make good decisions is a whole different matter.

The last truly big decision I made – to put my career on hold and move to Jersey for an indeterminate period, was life changing but easily made as I was going to spend time with my elderly father whose health was in slow but inevitable decline.

The significant decision before that one was deciding between two job offers. Both had their pros and cons which I had listed to help my decision-making process. The listing process was inconclusive and, in the end, I took the job that was both more challenging and held a greater risk of failure, figuring that it might be my last chance to be offered such a learning opportunity.

You could say that I made the wrong choice as my role was made redundant within a year, whereas the person who took the other role is still happily (I assume) in post three years later.

However, my redundancy led to my taking a short-term contract that, while both interesting and different, was also in a rather frustrating and uncertain work environment. This made me much more open to the idea of a career break and moving to Jersey than if I’d been in a stable, head of department role.

The choice I made did not pan out as I might have hoped in career terms but it undoubtedly gave me a broader range of experience than I would have had in the other role and, indirectly, gave me an irreplaceable year with my father.

I’m now facing another tough decision and have started listing the pros and cons once again. This time round however I have a stronger feeling that whichever choice I make will be the right one.

Have I, at the age of 56, started to believe in fate? Not really. But I do believe that your destiny is yours to decide as long as you keep a focus on the doors that are open to you rather than those that have closed.


About madeleinekavanagh

Internal comms specialist with a career spanning advertising, car sales and management consulting. My greatest legacy (so far) - my son!
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One Response to How to make a (good) decision.

  1. Joanna says:

    This is a great article Madeleine, one that really makes you think of your own life choices. – Thanks

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