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How far can you trust anonymous feedback?

I’ve been reading about Memo – “the anonymous app that could revolutionize the workplace” launched at the tail end of 2014 and it’s already creating a bit of a stir in some business and technology editorials. “Memo is an app … Continue reading

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Feedback surveys need to be meaningful to both the instigator and the respondent.

I have recently been on the receiving end of two random pulse surveys. One is the automated survey that appears to come up after every ‘live chat’ session with Vodafone customer support. After weeks of trying to resolve the same … Continue reading

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“You can’t run on empty…

…and that’s increasingly what employees are being asked to do.” Tony Schwartz – CEO of The Energy Project. When I read this statement in an HBR blog entitled “New research: How Employee Engagement Hits the Bottom Line”, it strongly resonated with … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Art of Values Matching

Look at any company’s career pages and the majority will allude, in some form or other, to their core values.  Some, such as Zappos – a byword for a company that lives and breathes its values – make them front … Continue reading

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Best Companies to Work For : Fact or Fiction?

In 2002 I was Head of Communications for consulting firm Watson Wyatt LLP when the executive leadership decided to try and get onto Sunday Times Best Companies list.  This was only its 2nd year of implementation in the UK and … Continue reading

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Overcoming the perennial block on effective message cascade

I’m talking about that mid management level in the organisation where, habitually, the cascade process breaks down as evidenced by employee surveys and the like. The big question is WHY do they get stuck at this point?  Is it: – … Continue reading

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Anonymous or Attributed? The best route for honest feedback?

I was recently involved in a debate about the pros and cons of anonymous feedback. I’m not talking about feedback on social media channels or, indeed, feedback as part of a 360 degree performance review, where there are specific arguments … Continue reading

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