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On the speaker circuit

When reviewing some material I had produced while working at Deutsche Bank in preparation for a job interview, I found an article I had written about various profile-raising opportunities that the DB brand had opened up for me while I … Continue reading

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If I admit to “not getting” Twitter, does that make me enlightened or just a Luddite?

As far as the attraction of Twitter goes, I’ve come full circle. Initially, I really didn’t get it as, for the most part, it seemed to be all about the minutiae of selected celebrities lives.  I felt about Twitter the … Continue reading

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What do we mean by “cultural fit” and how can we assess it?

These questions arose as I tuned in to yet another excellent free webinar sponsored by on Implementing Social Technologies within your Organisation by Social & Organisational Strategist Kevin (Vin) Jones. The first of five reasons Jones identifies for the … Continue reading

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For a corporate communicator, how much does the past inform the present?

“We’ve been working in the internal comms space for a long time and likewise, so have our clients….”. That’s the opening sentence of a recent internal communications e-book, Internal Affairs, written by Manchester-based communications agency HGA Creative.  These opening words … Continue reading

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Social Media : Expanding or diminishing our lives?

I recently started a discussion under this heading on LinkedIn Group TED: Ideas Worth Spreading and found myself asked by another member,: “You realize that ‘social media’ is ‘the internet’ right?” Are they now synonymous?    I instinctively believed that there … Continue reading

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