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Everyone’s talking digital transformation, but what does that really mean?

There are those who find the digital revolution-in-the-making the most exciting opportunity to shake the world of commerce since the invention of the internet. There are others who find it scary, overwhelming and/or mystifying. And (many?) others who find it … Continue reading

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Being innovative is not limited to innovators.

This is a slight reinvention of an idea proposed in a book I have just finished reading: “Without Their permission” (subtitle: “How the 21st Century will be Made not Managed”) by Alexis Ohanian – co-founder of 16 months after … Continue reading

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Business communications: trends for 2014

At the beginning of January, Simply Communicate – the online community for internal communication professionals – published the business communication predictions for 2014 of a number of experts and thought leaders in internal communications, employee engagement and social business. It … Continue reading

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Is Content Really King?

I, along with 120,000 others, have been following digital marketing consultant Jeff Bullas on Twitter. Yesterday (Sunday) my attention was caught by one of his (several, simultaneous) tweets: “Content is King … not Social Media”.  This statement particularly resonated with … Continue reading

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“Are we dancing to technology’s tune, or is it dancing to ours?”

This was the start of a very thought-provoking episode of Radio 4’s #DigitalHuman exploring “…whether we have all become techno-fundamentalists”. In previous posts I have explored the role of social media as part of today’s corporate communicator’s arsenal of resources.  … Continue reading

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For a corporate communicator, how much does the past inform the present?

“We’ve been working in the internal comms space for a long time and likewise, so have our clients….”. That’s the opening sentence of a recent internal communications e-book, Internal Affairs, written by Manchester-based communications agency HGA Creative.  These opening words … Continue reading

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Social Media : Expanding or diminishing our lives?

I recently started a discussion under this heading on LinkedIn Group TED: Ideas Worth Spreading and found myself asked by another member,: “You realize that ‘social media’ is ‘the internet’ right?” Are they now synonymous?    I instinctively believed that there … Continue reading

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