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Anticipating the message; I couldn’t have been more wrong

Tuning into BBC radio 4 recently, I caught the last few minutes of an episode in a series I had never heard before – The Headline Ballads. From what I heard I understood the programme to be comparing and contrasting … Continue reading

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How to make a (good) decision.

I believe I am a decisive person and, having made a decision, I rarely spend time worrying about whether I’ve made the right one. Whether I make good decisions is a whole different matter. The last truly big decision I … Continue reading

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The value of hiring an interim.

I was recently invited by VMA Recruitment to one of their Interim Management Advisory Panel breakfast meetings. These are great networking events and a rare opportunity for corporate communication consultants to debate topical issues. The discussion was fast flowing and … Continue reading

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And the first step when initiating a major change programme is…..?

In my role as an internal communications specialist supporting companies through change I am aware of the on-going, frequently cyclical nature of organisational change. As I think back over some of the recent change initiatives I’ve been involved in, I … Continue reading

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Lessons from Sicily.

During my recent holiday in Catania, Sicily, I couldn’t help but think that the very relaxed approach the Sicilians appear to take to work – an attitude which, I believe, is fairly characteristic of life in Southern Europe – might … Continue reading

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Onboarding: start by getting the basics right.

I’m currently taking a fresh look at how to make our induction / onboarding process more effective. Among the many questions I’m considering, here are three that I keep coming back to: At what point in the recruitment / onboarding … Continue reading

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On the speaker circuit

When reviewing some material I had produced while working at Deutsche Bank in preparation for a job interview, I found an article I had written about various profile-raising opportunities that the DB brand had opened up for me while I … Continue reading

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