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Everyone’s talking digital transformation, but what does that really mean?

There are those who find the digital revolution-in-the-making the most exciting opportunity to shake the world of commerce since the invention of the internet. There are others who find it scary, overwhelming and/or mystifying. And (many?) others who find it … Continue reading

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‘Us’ and ‘Them’. An unavoidable reality?

I’ve just read a blog post by Ian Buckingham entitled Internal engagement? Us vs Them? As a regular blogger in an area of great interest to me – business and brand culture transformation – I often read Ian’s posts.  This … Continue reading

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What’s the difference between jargon and legitimate business ‘shorthand’?

In my opinion, the difference is that jargon is meaningless whereas the shorthand is packed with underlying meaning that will resonate with the [majority of] the audience. For example, I love the concept and phrase “engagement” whereas my partner despises … Continue reading

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