#FridayFun: Counting up or counting down? What that says about your personality?

Image credit: Rance Costa

Image credit: Rance Costa

This has long intrigued me.

When I exercise, it’s usually at home, switching between a number of different exercise videos for variety. I’ve noticed that some of the trainers count up the repetitions, while others count down.

As I huff along, I frequently find myself wondering what a preference for counting up or counting down might say about one’s personality?

Perhaps a preference for counting down is for people who need to know what the end goal is, so they can pace themselves accordingly. The repetitions along the way are only a means to an end.

Those who start at 1 and work up to an undefined end point are motivated more by the journey than the goal. It’s the growing number of repetitions that gives them a sense of achievement and they aren’t intimidated by not knowing exactly where the end point is.

Obviously my oxygen deprived brain is over-thinking this however…. if you were looking for someone to manage a change program and a candidate’s CV gives “keep fit” as a hobby, might this be a novel way to investigate a candidate’s ability to cope with uncertainty?

Almost certainly not, as another thing I’ve noticed about myself is that, if I’m seriously flagging during a routine, I find myself counting down rather than up.  This either means that:

  1. I’m highly adaptable and will find techniques that work, whatever the situation
  2. I’m highly unstable and have a split personality.

I think I’ll claim definition #1 !!


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