Creating the burning platform.

burning platformIdentifying the “burning platform for change” is a good place to start when developing a communication strategy to support a transformation initiative.

In my time I’ve worked in many different industry sectors for diverse organisations at various stages of their life cycle. I was getting to the point where I thought there were few surprises left. However a recent discovery has been a true revelation.

I was being shown a tool designed to help the IT project team understand and manage the impact of migrating user profiles from their current operating platform onto a new one.  This smart tool also has the potential of enabling customised (and therefore far more engaging) communications to prepare users prepare for their individual migrations.

Having been enthused by the capability of the tool and its potential to remove a lot of risk and uncertainty from a forthcoming migration, I was astonished to hear that, despite spending time and money to investigate its capabilities, we may not be buying the licenses after all.  It seemed a no-brainer to me.  The investment in time and money required for the set-up more than re-paid by the increase in oversight and efficiency.

However, in some instances, it appears that a preferred strategy is to implement a less thorough solution more quickly knowing that it might break business processes when it goes in!

I was disbelieving. Who…Why….How could this be justified?

This is not just the 80% Solution. More like the 70% or even 60% Solution.  You are effectively implementing a solution that you believe has a high chance of breaking some processes because the focus and energy these broken processes will generate within the business will drive a faster and generally better end result than one that has been minutely refined within the IT function.

Obviously it’s a fine judgement to assess speed vs the additional disruption to the business but the thinking behind the theory is not dissimilar to that expounded by Bear Grylls as he introduced his new survival series The Island:

“Can modern man survive when stripped of all the conveniences of the civilised world? ….It’s not until [the human] spirit is put under pressure that you find that fundamental vein of resourcefulness again.” (I paraphrase slightly.)

It’s not a call I would like to make but when I think of the number of times I’ve been frustrated by seemingly endless, spurious reasons for not taking action, this wholehearted commitment to drive the business forward is truly energising.


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Internal comms specialist with a career spanning advertising, car sales and management consulting. My greatest legacy (so far) - my son!
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