Getting the most out of Twitter

As anyone who reads my blog regularly will know, I am ambivalent about the value of Twitter: see If I admit to “not getting” Twitter, does that make me enlightened or just a Luddite?.  However, I’m open to being convinced as 67 million Twitter users can’t all be wrong 🙂

In my on-going quest for Twitter enlightenment, I found a really useful blog post by PodJamTV called “9 Ways to Optimise Your Presence On Twitter”. This post contains some really good advice for using Twitter to help build your brand either as an individual contributor or a business. I felt quite complacent until I read this which totally deflated me as I realise I’m only doing a fraction on what I should be doing …. and the idiotic thing is that these recommendations are neither difficult nor time consuming to do.

As always, it’s just about making that small shift in mindset that will promote the right behaviours.

I encourage you to read the post for yourself but, in a nutshell, the 9 suggestions are:

  1. Follow the 80/20 rule: 80% of your tweets should be your own curated content; 20% scan be retweets; (oops, I’m probably 99% own curated content)
  2. Use Twitter lists to help you keep on top of the content you are most interested in (I don’t do this)
  3. Don’t be afraid to engage with thought leaders in your industry (I don’t do enough of this)
  4. Humanise your brand by sharing a little of yourself in your tweets (I believe I do this)
  5. Take advantage of the branding opportunities offered by Twitter – the avatar and the bio (I’ve definitely done this)
  6. Participate in Twitter Chats (er, hardly ever)
  7. Take advantage of promoting your own brand and content; (this is probably my worst omission; I’m an idiot to act as if one tweet is sufficient)
  8. Use tools to optimise your time; (I guess once I start doing all the other things on the list, this will become more of a necessity than it is now)
  9. Organise or attend Tweet-ups (erm, not sure I’d recognise a Tweet-up if it hit me in the face….)

I also took the opportunity to join a free webinar hosted by Paul Dunay and Social Media Today on “Effective Brand Marketing on Twitter: How to Rise Above the Noise?”.  This too had some useful insights into areas such as:

  • What kinds of products and services adapt best to Twitter’s format?
  • What actions and events open the door to brands seeking followers?
  • Where does Twitter fit into a brand’s social media ecology?
  • How does a brand make the most effective use of 140 characters?

This further research has revealed that, once again, it’s not the tool that is faulty. It is that I haven’t yet adapted my behaviours to ensure that I am getting the best out of it.  In this instance, my end of term report wouldn’t say “More of the same” but rather “More of something different!”

As a comms person supporting change, you’d think I’d know that.


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Internal comms specialist with a career spanning advertising, car sales and management consulting. My greatest legacy (so far) - my son!
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3 Responses to Getting the most out of Twitter

  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for this post. I signed up for Twitter months ago (needed it for Pinterest) but have never used it because I just find it confusing and intimidating. I have yet to work up the courage to make my first Tweet.

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