The Inspiring World of Video Infographics

When I was first approached to be interviewed for the film Social Media @ Work in February 2011, Robin Block – the Red Sky Vision producer, directed me to the video infographic Social Media Revolution as an example of the pace and style they wanted to achieve with their film.

As soon as I reviewed the film it was clear that Socialnomics, the producers of Social Media Revolution, had created a monster problem for themselves: the film is all about the dynamic growth of the social media scene and features one mind boggling fact after another to illustrate the point BUT the statistics they were showcasing were out of date almost as soon as the film was published.  Erik Qualman – the founder of Socialnomics and whose authority on social media has been compared with Demming on quality and Drucker on management, had to repeatedly revise the film to keep up to date.

After multiple viewings and recommendations, I ‘m still fascinated and inspired when I watch the film.  I was interested to note, however, what a difference the change in the backing track made to my response to it.

The earlier versions featured Right Here, Right Now by Fatboy Slim.  The pounding rhythm created a sense of urgency and excitement which I felt was missing from the more recent version which has replaced Right Here Right Now with Baba Yetu by Christopher Tin.  What this music did for me was to re-focus the message away from social media as a revolution and more as a global wave of change.  (The lyrics of Baba Yetu are a Swahili translation of the Lord’s Prayer – some way removed from the ‘big beat, trip hop’ of Right Here, Right Now!)

What’s your favourite video infographic and why?


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